Fairytale Castle

Häagen-Dazs™ ice cream masters create the amazing Fairytale Castle ice cream cake with extreme craftsmanship, bringing layers of surprise to your special celebration. The outer layer of the cake and the small pillars around it are made of chocolate, while each of the three-layered fortress are matched with different flavors of ice cream to provide more surprises, including the upper layer of Vanilla Ice Cream, the middle layer of Strawberry Ice Cream and the lower layer of Dark Chocolate Ganache & Almond Ice Cream. Each layer of ice cream is decorated with candied flowers to deliver the dreamlike fairy tale experience!
Strawberries and Cream ingredient

Extraordinary Ingredients For The Ultimate Flavour

Each scoop starts life as only four ingredients - cream, milk, sugar and eggs. To that, we only add amazing. Learn More About Our Ingredients.