Macaron Strawberry Stickbar

Macaron Strawberry & Raspberry Ice Cream Stickbar

In this recipe, we introduced pink mini macaron shells to our signature strawberry ice cream and watched the magic happen. Head on the tastebud trip of a lifetime as you dive into fruity pools of raspberry sauce, picking up mini macaron shells, with crispy coating — in all their glory — along the way.

Bite through the crunchy shells of our pink mini macaron to reach their moreish, chewy centres – each delicately balancing the strawberry ice cream sweetness with the macaron’s signature almond flavour. Uniting the mastery of Häagen-Dazs and Pierre Hermé Paris, this collection reinterprets France’s most classic dessert and transports you to another world!

Extraordinary Ingredients For The Ultimate Flavour

Each scoop starts life as only four ingredients - cream, milk, sugar and eggs. To that, we only add amazing. Learn More About Our Ingredients.